Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A weekend away

The weekend before last we drove a couple hours away to spend some family time together. It was our first little getaway with just the three of us. We moseyed around a fun shopping center most of the day, Owen's highlight was watching the big water fountain. He's such a water baby. We got a fancy hotel on Priceline and checked in early to hangout together. Owen enjoyed rolling around on the big king size bed. We got pizza from a near by restaurant, brought it back to our room and snuggled up for a relaxing night.

Paul and I want to remember to make it a priority to get time together as a family. I remember one time, we had been married a couple years, Paul surprised me with a night at a new hotel in town. We laughed when we could see our apartment from our hotel room. When I was younger, on my dad's day off, we would have a "cabin day". We would go to the store to get previsions and then go back home and pretend like we were at a cabin. No phones, no internet, just family time together. 

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