Sunday, December 23, 2012

Oh christmas tree

We have enjoyed our beautiful tree this year. It has ornaments from our childhoods, that we have made and that Paul and I picked out together as a married couple and a family. I love that Owen's eyes light up every time the twinkling lights turn on. And look! Its still decorated! We put ornaments that were less breakable on the bottom so he could carefully play with them. Amazingly he never took the lights off. He has his manger scene from Granddad and Grandma Worcester and his basket of Christmas books tucked under the branches. I had to get a picture to capture our tree before we packed up and headed over to my parents house. The days before Christmas all of the siblings and our families go to my parents for a big sleep over till Christmas day. It is some of my favorite days of the year! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

The littlest matryoshka: a nesting doll shower

My good friend Carly is expecting her third little baby any day now! I can't wait to find out if its a boy or a girl and most of all to see their adorable cheeks (her babies always have the cutest cheeks you have ever seen!). We had a wonderful time last weekend throwing her a shower to celebrate. When we heard she had a secret love for matryoshka dolls we decided that had to be the theme. The idea of each little doll nesting inside the momma doll is a sweet symbol for a shower. It just so happened that my sister, two friends and myself have all been to Russia or the Ukraine and own nesting dolls. And look how amazing the cake is that Robin made! I love the mix of Russian dolls and Christmas decorations. It was fun to have a shower during this time of year when our houses are already decorated beautifully with twinkling lights and trees. We all brought her gifts in mason jars, homemade things, goodies to eat and tiny items for baby. It was a very meaningful time together. I walked away being reminded of what a joyful blessing babies are to our lives!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How lovely are your branches

We pile in my parents suburban and drive up the mountains to search for the perfect Silver Tips. We bundle up and march around together looking through groves of trees for that one that catches our eye. Owen got to come for the first time last year but he never made it out of the car. There was a big snowy wind storm and it was way too cold for the little guy. This year the weather was perfect! It was sunny with no wind and just enough snow to enjoy. Uncle Tim taught him to eat the snow and that was all he wanted to do the rest of the time. He found the cutest little tree, just his size, he sat by it stroking its branches and then gave it a big hug. Going as a family to get our Christmas trees is one of my favorite traditions because it kicks off the Christmas season! Does your family get a tree? Do you get a skinny tree or a big bushy one? Our tree is as tall and skinny as it gets, just the way I like it! 

Friday, December 7, 2012

The christmas preview

Every year, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, our city does a Christmas preview downtown. All the stores have a special Christmas exhibit in their front window. The ballerina's from the nutcracker are always my favorite, this year the older gentlemen singing were pretty adorable too. We walk around as a family, run into friends and enjoy treats being passed out. It is a fun way to start off the Christmas season!