Thursday, June 28, 2012

Taking our baby beluga to sea world

We took our little baby beluga to Sea World in San Diego! We are in town for Paul's twin brothers wedding. We wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to take our little boy to Sea World. He loved it! We arrived at the park and ran right to the orca show. The second a killer whale came out from "back stage" Owen was flailing his arms wildly, pointing and yelling, as if trying to talk to his new whale friend. The whale would jump out of the water and Owen would look with big eyes. Every time the whale dove down under the water Owen would cry because he didn't want him to go away. It was so cute to watch him!

As we wandered around the park Owen had big eyes and spent most of the day pointing and loudly talking to the animals. He loved the killer whales, sea turtles and of course the beluga whales. One of the lullaby's I sing to him most often is "baby beluga in the deep blue sea". It was special sitting on the side of the beluga tank with him on my lap and watching the belugas swim around. 

The one animal that Owen did not like was the walrus. As you can see in one of the picture above Owen was right up against the glass when the walrus spit out his food and then munched it back up. Owen was terrified of the big fat walrus from that point on. Pesky walrus. 

We had a wonderful day making memories as a family! We are here in San Diego several more days and then the wedding is on Sunday afternoon.

PS I am so excited to post about Owen's 1st birthday party! We left town to drive down right after his party and I have not had much time to go through all of the pictures. There are a lot of pictures and it is so hard to choose! I may have to do several posts. :) 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

That little face

I love that face. Even when its covered in food and snot. It is that little face that makes me melt. Neck rolls and all, you are a cutie pie!

Monday, June 18, 2012

11 months

Our boy at 11 months
-He started walking! He has been taking 3 steps at a time but several nights ago he took 9 steps. He walked all the way across the room to my mom and then did that several more times that night. He does not like to walk when you try to make him.
-He does this thing where he points his finger at you and bounces it up and down. He normally does it when he is excited to see someone. 
-He imitates us a lot more. He claps when we do, waves bye-bye, blows bubbles in the bath water and even tried to mimic Paul beat boxing the other night. 
-He got his first molar. Ouch! Both his first bottom molars started coming in at the same time but only one side is through. That's 9 teeth total now!
-He started eating more pureed baby foods. He still gags a lot when we try to give him soft chopped up things or finger foods. You would think he would be such a good eater with all those chompers.  
-He still loves water. There is a kiddie pool at our apartment we have been talking him to. He loves playing around in there with us. 
-He loves trying to make us laugh. He will throw himself around on our bed and if we start laughing he does it over and over again.
-This week he has started acting so much older in the way he plays and interacts with us. He climbs things, explores, intently inspects and looks like he is thinking and learning so much in the midst of everything. 

He is such a joy for us to have! We are so grateful! 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy fathers day! love, owen

There is no one quite the same as daddy. He gives tender kiss, has big hands to hold you in, wrestles with you till you laugh so hard you get hiccups. Daddy is the best. You love when he gets home form work. When you hear the jingle of the keys at the door you get quiet and wait in excitement to see if it is daddy. Daddy is the funniest. You love to mimic the goofy faces, loud noises and most everything that daddy does. You love your daddy! 

Owen can't say he loves you yet but you can tell how much he does when you look at these pictures. Happy Fathers Day! Love, Owen