Friday, August 31, 2012

Owen's aviary: a giveaway

For Cordelia's birthday I made her an owl stuffed animal. After I made her one I just kept making them! They are so fun to create and so cute! I've decided this little pink guy at the bottom needs a home.

To win...
1. Become a follower of my blog.
2. Leave a comment blow with your email address.

(Giveaway closed) I'll use the random number generator to pick a winner. I will announce the winner in this post on the morning of September 5th! 

Congratulations Sam P! You won this little owl! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Party boy

Our little party boy! This summer has been filled with birthday parties. Owen has grown to love the colorful balloons, stripped straws and lots of little friends to run around with. This party was for his friend Cordelia. He had fun digging in the bark with her and giving her the owl stuffed animal we made her. Happy Birthday Cordelia! 

PS I am starting to notice a common theme. Owen has so many little girls in his life. And they are all so cute!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

You know your a mom when...

You know your a mom when...

-You get out of the car to have tea with the girls to realize you have baby poo on your shirt. You sigh and think, "oh well".

-You are driving down the road and hear a thump and realize you have been driving with a sippy cup on the roof. 

-You go to start your car and realize you are trying to start it with a pacifier.

-When this happens

-You find yourself driving down the road singing "baby beluga" and realize there is no one else in the car with you.

Being a mom brings a lot of laughter to your life. You just can't take yourself to seriously. Owen and I laugh out loud at each other sometimes. He is such a joy! Poo and all! 

*The photo is of Owen laying on my moms lap when he was 3 months old. 

Friday, August 17, 2012


These are some of my favorite photos of Paul and Owen (although I could probably say that about every photo of the two of them). I love the one of Paul leaning up against a pole with Owen asleep and the last one with those chubby cheeks just melts my heart. These were taken in and around Seattle on our way to a family reunion several weeks ago. 

Before having Owen I thought the idea of babywearing was so sweet. Carrying a little one around on busy streets or in your home, all nestled in close. Paul and I both love wearing Owen. Do you wear your baby? Does your husband? What is your favorite kind of carrier/sling? 

We are wearing an Ergobaby carrier. We just got it this summer and have absolutely loved it! When Owen was a newborn I used a Moby Wrap I got as a shower gift and then we got a sling. I would love to hear about your babywearing adventures. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sewing project: plush piggy

Last week my sister turned 25. I can't believe how old we are getting! When we were little she loved Charlotte's Web. She had tons of pig everything. She even had a cat named Charlotte after the heroic spider in the book. A few weeks back I found a vintage Charlotte's Web book and wanted to make a pig stuffed animal to go with it for her birthday gift. It will be a sweet thing for her to save for her kids. I made it out of vintage hankies. I just started cutting pieces out and sewing things together not knowing exactly how it would turn out. Owen loved it when it was finished so I think that means it turned out great! He was always finding it and running off with it. I hope her kids will enjoy it someday too! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

13 months

Our boy at 13 months
-As you can tell from the pictures he is a tiny explorer. He loves to be outside and loves to explore new things.
-He says momma, dadda, wow, no and ball. He signs more and please.
-He has lots of animal noises he can make! He loves to read animal books so I'm not surprised. He can moo like a cow, roar like a dinosaur, meow like a cat and baa like a sheep. 
-One of his favorite things are birds. My mom is so excited because she loves birds. He gets so excited when he sees one! It doesn't matter if its an eagle or a pigeon, he loves them!
-He has 12 teeth!!!
-He walks everywhere now. When he first started walking he waddled with his legs far a part and squatting but now he looks like a big boy standing up straight.
-His current favorite book, that we read over and over again, is How does a Dinosaur say Good Night? He likes it best when daddy reads it, he makes better dinosaur noises then I do. Last night Paul was holding him trying to help him go to sleep and all of the sudden he started "roaring" and frantically pointing. He could see the book and wanted to read it! So much for going to sleep. 
-His size 4 shoes are getting too small. Sad. At least he got to wear his toms one last time.
-He loves banana, strawberries, bread, dry cereal. Basically anything that is a fruit or a carb. Nursing is still his favorite. 
-He gives kisses! It is the sweetest thing. He has waved and clapped but would never give me a kiss. One day he saw daddy kiss me and then he leaned in and kissed me too. He also learned to blow kisses, mostly to his Auntie Amy. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baby style: cold weather days

1. Toms Botas Shoes
2. Road Bike Sweat Shirt
3. Jeans with Suspenders
4. Elbow Patch Stripped Tee
5. Blue Pom Pom Hat
6. Green Rain Boots
7. Soft Cream Jumper
8. "I heart mum" Tee
9. Yellow Skinny Corduroys
10. Moccasins

I am so excited for the fall! The other day I woke up and it was dark because clouds were blocking the light from coming in the windows. It reminded me of the stormy days of fall. I am loving summer, sunshine, swimming, saltwaters, but I am looking forward to snuggling in big blankets with my boy and stomping around in rain puddles. Its probably not helping that its been 106 degrees this week. I couldn't resist looking at some cute cold weather clothes. Its not exactly the most budget friendly clothing guide (some things are a good deal!), but its fun to look at. :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A donut nook kind of day

Monday will start an exciting and busy season so today we had a quite family day. We spent most of the day inside, escaping from all the smoke from a big near by fire and the 106 degree heat. We woke up and took Owen to our long time family favorite donut nook. His first time to the donut nook! I have a lot of fun memories of going to the donut nook or waking up to my dad with our favorite donuts. When I went to college my mom even convinced them to sell her their employee shirt that says, "The Donut Nook". I have tried to keep Owen from sugar and even made him a healthy birthday cake but today that all went out the window. His whole body shook with excitement when we handed him his chocolate with rainbow sprinkles donut. You can tell from the pictures he loved it, how could he not. We had a great day together! What did you do for your Saturday?