Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Not the cleanest clean clothes

Owen and I find it very funny to play pranks on daddy with the dirty diapers: Leaving them on his seat, throwing them at him or making a trail of them from the door to find us when he gets home from work. They are perfectly contained but whenever Paul sees one not in the trash (flying at his face) he totally freaks out. As I was quickly doing laundry this morning, getting ready for Paul's parents to get to town, I went to get the clean clothes out of the washer and found a dirty diaper! A dirty diaper in the "clean" clothes. This is what I get for playing pranks on Paul. At least it was all in one piece. Sometimes being a new momma you find yourself standing in the mall with spit-up covering your clothes, wiping down the stroller in Costco after a blowout and discovering stray diapers in your house. Owen and I have so much fun together, even when we're making messes!

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