Monday, October 31, 2011

Treat Street

We just got back from Owen's first trick or treating! Our downtown stores have a "treat street" for little kids in the afternoon. The employees dress up and hand out candy to all the little cuties in their costumes. We met two of Owen's friends, a bee and tinker bell, and my sister and her husband and GG (Owen's great grandma). Owen can't eat the candy but it was fun to go with friends and dress our little lion up. 

After walking all the streets, we said good bye to our friends and went to the car to feed Owen before leaving. We heard they were holding a big costume contest for all the kids and decided we would go back and enter Owen. They had the kids sign up by age group (canines had their own category). Owen was number 18 out of 30 kids ages 0-3. We got his number and waited for them to line everyone up. While we were waiting Owen got really fussy and I started thinking maybe this was a bad idea. We decided Paul would hold him and take him up on the stage while I took pictures (he can get pretty heavy when being held for long periods of time). We got all lined up and Owen completely fell asleep. He was still just as cute, but maybe not the most ferocious looking lion you had ever seen. We heard the lady over the loud speaker call for "heat number two!" I ran around the front to get the best spot to take pictures and paul got in line behind stage. We had our first case of parental competition! After all the kids/parents said their age and name the judges announced the 3 kids who qualified for the final. They called for "the alien"...."the solar system"...and then... I didn't even hear the last one, it wasn't the lion! When Paul came down off the stage he said, "why didn't he win? I was nervous but thought for sure he would win!" Our hearts had been racing with excitement for our kid to be the one picked and then the realization hit that we didn't even get picked for the final round. We laughed all the way back to the car! I guess it was a costume contest and he really only had on a lion mane. But we are his parents and think he is just the cutest thing ever. I bet every other parent felt the same way. 

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