Thursday, March 22, 2012

Glen eyrie

Paul, Owen and I have been in Colorado Springs on the beautiful grounds of Glen Eyrie this past week. Owen and I flew and Paul drove a 15 passenger van with the college students. We are here for a spring break conference. 

Paul works full time for a college ministry called Christian Challenge. I also work with the students but now I get to do both, be a mommy and spend time with the students. It is a fun environment to raise Owen in. The students love him and he has a great time with them. I'm sure he will have more and more fun as he gets older and can run around with them. Brittany, in the picture above, has become one of Owen's best college friends. :) 

Isn't the castle beautiful? Paul and I were so excited to stay in it. Each room is unique with its own charm and beautiful views. My sister and her husband had the most amazing view from their room. See that very top round floor of the castle? That was their room! It had those huge windows all around, with tall ceilings and a big king size bed in the middle, very romantic.

Owen loved his new sling. It was pretty cold several of the days so he would cozy up and peer out form a warm little spot. He got sick part way through the week so it was nice to tuck him in and carry him close. I love wearing my little bubba. "Extending the oneness of muma and baby for just a little bit longer", as Jodi put it in her blog post about babywearing. 

Owen and I, and another friend with her baby, fly home tomorrow morning. I'm a little nervous about Owen's ears since he has been sick. Hopefully he has been on the medicine long enough that he will be ok. We are excited to get home and get ready for Paul's mom coming into town on Monday. 


  1. Brittany GallagherMarch 22, 2012 at 10:43 PM

    I feel so special!

  2. Love these pictures. That's great that you all got to go to the Glen! Hope you both are feeling better.