Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back home

This is what our bug has been doing the past couple of days. Even as I type he is asleep across my lap. While we were out of town he got pink eye and an upper respiratory infection. We are both home resting and having a sick day. I always seem to get whatever he gets. I can't keep myself from kissing his sweet lips and he can't keep from rubbing his slobbery face on mine.

We were awake at 5:45 this morning. Owen could not sleep with all of his congestion. We sat on the chair in the living room rocking. He finally went back to sleep but by then I was awake. There is something romantic about being awake while the early riser sleeps. Paul and I sat quietly chatting on one half of the bed while Owen was sprawled out on the other half. There are not many mornings that Owen is sleeping and we are awake, he is normally our alarm. We enjoyed sitting together watching our sweetheart sleep. 


  1. So sorry he is sick friend! I do love the extra snuggles, but it's hard to see them not feel well. Hope you both get better soon!

  2. Owen is adorable. Glad you and Paul got to have some pillow talk, what a sweet time!