Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shore do love you: Owen's nautical baby shower

Planning Heidi's shower made me think of my baby shower. My sister and friends did an amazing job, I was so loved. I was 32 weeks pregnant at that point. They did a nautical theme to go along with what we were doing in Owen's nursery. I have the messages in a bottle (pictured above) that everyone wrote to him that day on his shelf. I am still not quite done decorating his nursery, I guess I got distracted after the little guy arrived. 

It is crazy thinking back on when I was pregnant, wondering when he would arrive, what he would look like, how our life would change. He has only been here 8 months but I can hardly remember what it was like without him. 

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  1. What a fun, baby shower theme. Those decorations are beautiful! I love the idea of messages in a bottle for him.