Saturday, March 3, 2012

Loads of fun: construction baby shower

We had a baby shower this morning for one of my best friends, Heidi. Several of us girls had a great time brainstorming fun ideas for her shower. All of us pitched in and it ended up being such a sweet time. I am so excited for Heidi to have her little boy, due at the end of March, so he and Owen can be friends. 

The inspiration for the theme came from an adorable book, Goodnight, Goodnight Construction site. It is about construction trucks working hard to do their jobs and then, "one by one they'll go to bed to yawn and rest their sleepy heads, then wake to another day of rough-and-tough construction play!" It has beautiful illustrations and was a great inspiration for a rough-and-tough little boy shower.

There were lots of dump trucks, construction board books and a tool box with the words, "Wyatt Construction Co. Est. 2012" painted across it. Guests wrote notes to Wyatt on tool shaped papers to go in a handmade tool belt for when he gets older. We played a game where everyone guessed the name of different types of construction trucks from around the room, which was very funny to hear some of the guesses, some of us just don't know what an Excavator is. Everyone left with favors filled with homemade mints

Heidi looked beautiful with her baby bump. She has so many friends that love her and are excited for baby Wyatt's arrival. Can't wait! 


  1. Great job! Everything was so cute in a manly boy kind of way. :)

  2. Brittany GallagherMarch 3, 2012 at 10:20 PM

    Such a special baby shower! Heidi and Wyatt are so loved!