Tuesday, March 6, 2012

8 months

Our boy at 8 months
-He has become an expert crawler this past month. He can go so fast, turn around and get where he needs to go in a hurry.
-The same week he started crawling he started pulling himself up. He looks like such a big boy when he stands up tall next to the couch. He normally pulls himself up, starts whacking the surface of whatever he is standing next to and then tries to find something he is not suppose to play with.
-He is quite the talker. He mostly yells, squeals and loudly grunts at people and animals. My parents have two cats and he gets so excited when he sees them, he gives the loudest yell he can, out of excitement, not realizing it scares them away every time.
-He has a very sweet gibber jabber he makes when he is at home, quietly playing by him self or talking to us.
-He is finally starting to eat baby food.
-He has so much fun playing now that he can crawl around. He plays by himself, with mommy and daddy, he loves to play. 
-He still loves books. A few nights ago I starting getting a small pile of board books to read before his bed time. Last night he sat on my lap, pacifier in his mouth, and listened to me read the whole stack of 4 books. 

He is such a joy to have.  He is a precious gift and I am so grateful to be his mommy.

The rocking chair is Paul's great grandpa Horace's childhood rocking chair. Fun to imagine all the places it has been and little bums that have sat in it. I think the wood work is so beautiful.  It is a meaningful thing for Owen to have.


  1. Brittany GallagherMarch 6, 2012 at 10:45 AM

    So sweet.

  2. Very sweet pictures! Good Job Christy! I know you love photography!

  3. Gorgeous pictures hun, such a cute idea of the rocking chair in the woods. Just been reading though and absolutley love your blog!

    Kelly-Marie x

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    1. Thanks Kelly-Marie! I'll go check out your blog!