Friday, August 17, 2012


These are some of my favorite photos of Paul and Owen (although I could probably say that about every photo of the two of them). I love the one of Paul leaning up against a pole with Owen asleep and the last one with those chubby cheeks just melts my heart. These were taken in and around Seattle on our way to a family reunion several weeks ago. 

Before having Owen I thought the idea of babywearing was so sweet. Carrying a little one around on busy streets or in your home, all nestled in close. Paul and I both love wearing Owen. Do you wear your baby? Does your husband? What is your favorite kind of carrier/sling? 

We are wearing an Ergobaby carrier. We just got it this summer and have absolutely loved it! When Owen was a newborn I used a Moby Wrap I got as a shower gift and then we got a sling. I would love to hear about your babywearing adventures. 

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  1. awww so cute :) I have a ring sling but my baby hates it lol.. looks like a perfect day at pikes place!