Monday, August 13, 2012

13 months

Our boy at 13 months
-As you can tell from the pictures he is a tiny explorer. He loves to be outside and loves to explore new things.
-He says momma, dadda, wow, no and ball. He signs more and please.
-He has lots of animal noises he can make! He loves to read animal books so I'm not surprised. He can moo like a cow, roar like a dinosaur, meow like a cat and baa like a sheep. 
-One of his favorite things are birds. My mom is so excited because she loves birds. He gets so excited when he sees one! It doesn't matter if its an eagle or a pigeon, he loves them!
-He has 12 teeth!!!
-He walks everywhere now. When he first started walking he waddled with his legs far a part and squatting but now he looks like a big boy standing up straight.
-His current favorite book, that we read over and over again, is How does a Dinosaur say Good Night? He likes it best when daddy reads it, he makes better dinosaur noises then I do. Last night Paul was holding him trying to help him go to sleep and all of the sudden he started "roaring" and frantically pointing. He could see the book and wanted to read it! So much for going to sleep. 
-His size 4 shoes are getting too small. Sad. At least he got to wear his toms one last time.
-He loves banana, strawberries, bread, dry cereal. Basically anything that is a fruit or a carb. Nursing is still his favorite. 
-He gives kisses! It is the sweetest thing. He has waved and clapped but would never give me a kiss. One day he saw daddy kiss me and then he leaned in and kissed me too. He also learned to blow kisses, mostly to his Auntie Amy. 

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