Friday, July 13, 2012

Owen's vintage circus 1st birthday: the cake

What 1st birthday party is complete without a little sugar? I baked him up a cake that was naturally sweet, with lots of banana and apple sauce, covered in sugary frosting and topped off with a few sprinkles. He took his first taste and squished his face up and quivered in his chair. After the initial shock he loved it. I'm not sure if he liked the cake better or all the attention of everyone watching him. As you can see from the last picture he really enjoyed it.

Owen's vintage circus 1st birthday: the party

Photo credit: Thank you to Emily Parker and my sister for taking a lot of these pictures! I will always cherish having these pictures to savor the memories. 


  1. Sounds yummy and what a beautiful vintage high chair!!

    1. Thanks! Isn't the high chair gorgeous. My Mom always says she wishes she could say it was her grandmas but she found it at a yard sale. :) I can't believe someone was selling something like that!