Thursday, July 5, 2012

Push em' Pull em' parade

Happy 4th of July! What did you do for the 4th? Every year we join friends at a festive 4th of July party. It is the cutest 4th of July party you have ever seen. They start the party off with a Push em' Pull em' parade! All the kids dress up and decorate some thing to be pushed in or pulled in (or ride on). Paul pulled Owen in his new red wagon my parents gave him for his first birthday. He dragged his blue dump truck behind him filled with his favorite animals all dressed up. What could be cuter then a whole bunch of kids all dressed up in a parade? We had an egg toss contest, pie eating contest and ate a yummy dinner before heading down the hill to have homemade ice cream while waiting for the fireworks. Owen had a blast! He even liked the fireworks! He looked up with big eyes and said "whooow".  

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