Monday, July 30, 2012

12 months

Our boy at 12 months
Oops, I'm a little late on posting this. This last month has gone by so fast. Here is what Owen was doing at 12 months...
-He says momma, dadda and WOW!
-His favorite things to play with are kitchen items, balls and animal toys. 
-He has 9 teeth
-When he gets excited he shakes his head from side to side and smiles big.
-He can walk but still prefers to crawl. I love his really wide stance!
-He points at everything. He gets so excited and in his own little language tells you all about what he is pointing at.
-He loves books! He especially loves books with pictures of animals. We read books in the car, the bath, the bed, the library...everywhere!
-He has started interacting and playing with other kids. He loves to watch older kids.
-At his 1 year check-up he was 31 1/2 inches long (90%) and weighed 20lbs 9oz (25%)
-He loves to go swimming. We have been going to our apartment pool almost everyday. He is not scared of the water at all. He even kicks his legs and blows bubbles under the water! Watch out Michael Phelps! 
-He is a happy boy, our sweetie pie and we love him so much! 


  1. What a great highchair! And what a gorgeous little man. Love all the bunting in the garden. x

  2. I agree, this high chair is lovely!