Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How lovely are your branches

We pile in my parents suburban and drive up the mountains to search for the perfect Silver Tips. We bundle up and march around together looking through groves of trees for that one that catches our eye. Owen got to come for the first time last year but he never made it out of the car. There was a big snowy wind storm and it was way too cold for the little guy. This year the weather was perfect! It was sunny with no wind and just enough snow to enjoy. Uncle Tim taught him to eat the snow and that was all he wanted to do the rest of the time. He found the cutest little tree, just his size, he sat by it stroking its branches and then gave it a big hug. Going as a family to get our Christmas trees is one of my favorite traditions because it kicks off the Christmas season! Does your family get a tree? Do you get a skinny tree or a big bushy one? Our tree is as tall and skinny as it gets, just the way I like it! 

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