Thursday, February 14, 2013

A valentine party

We had a beautiful sunny valentine party yesterday! When the kids arrived they put on their smocks and stamped hearts on valentine baggies with stamps made out of potatoes and toilet paper. They made heart shaped english muffin pizzas and sipped juice out of red stripped straws. After lunch their the paint on their bags were dry and ready to be filled. It was adorable to watch them go down the row, peek down inside of each bag and drop their special valentines in.

For Owen's valentines this year we made kitty themed ones, or "meows" as he calls them. I found a vintage cat valentine and made little felt pins for each of his friends, white kitties with long eye lashes for the girls and gray tom cats for the boys. Owen was so excited about them! Every time he saw them he said "MEOW" as loud as he could and wanted to look at each one.

All the kids ran around together in the yard till they were completely warn out. It was a very sweet party! I'm so grateful that Owen has so many good friends to grow up with.



  1. i am definitely doing a valentine's day party next year. thanks for the great idea! it looked like you had a lot of fun.