Saturday, November 2, 2013

Treat street

Owen had a great halloween. He woke up to Ah-ma over his bed with an orange sprinkle cookie and a  new Corduroy book. He wasn't too thrilled about wearing his costume but he had a blast filing up his little bag with candy with all of his friends. He had a cold leading up to halloween so I knew it would probably be one of those days we just had to go with the flow. He had been so excited telling everyone he was going to be an eagle the week before. He would run around and squake a great imitation of a hawk, "GAW GA-GA!!" I was a little sad he didn't get to wear his costume but he melted my heart that night as we laid in bed talking about the day...

Me "what was your favorite costume you saw today?"
Owen "the eagle!"
Me "the one mommy made you?"
Owen "my not wear it"
Me "maybe tomorrow"
Owen "maybe tomorrow!" and he fell asleep.

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