Tuesday, September 4, 2012

14 months

Our boy at 14 months
-I uploaded these photos yesterday and then got back on this morning to write a little something. As I looked over them again today I got a big smile on my face. I love my little boy. I love his personality, how he plays, all the faces he makes and the adventures we have together.
-I think its fitting that he isn't sitting in his rocking chair in most of these pictures. He loves to run, stomp and climb. 
-He is quite a climber. He will climb anything. He has climbed on top of bed, on top of our dinning room table and even pushed a chair over to the counter and tried to climb up there.  
-He has added several more words, like"uh oh" and a few more animal noises like "buk buk buk buk" as a chicken. Sometimes he so badly wants to communicate but doesn't have the words. He gets so excited and jibber jabbers and makes so many facial expressions as he tries to communicate.
-He has started understanding our words a lot more. We will say, "lets put your shirt on" and he will put his head down as if going into a shirt. Or we'll say, "Do you want to go outside?" and he will go to the door.  
-He doesn't take a pacifier anymore. I noticed him not wanting it very often and then one day he just wouldn't take it. 
-New foods he has tried and liked are beans, corn, yogurt and of course he had an Oreo and totally loved it. 
-He and I have been going on a little walk to a near by park everyday and playing for a little while. He loves it. He smiles so big when he goes down the slide and swings on the swing. All though he only enjoys the swing for a little while. Maybe he is like his momma and gets "car sick" on swings. 
-He loves when daddy gets home from work. One of the words he says the most is dada or daddy. He follows Paul around everywhere when he gets home. They have a very sweet relationship. 


  1. I'm super excited to meet that handsome young man this weekend! Looking forward to seeing all of you.