Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cooped up and reading: books we love

We have been all cooped up lately. Owen was so sick for a whole week. These last couple of days I have been letting him rest and recover so his little body can get back to normal. We have spent a lot of time in the house, reading, sleeping, watching TV, and just sitting on the couch together. I am so grateful he is better now. I keep saying what a relief it is to feel his body and it not be hot with a fever. Paul was out of town this weekend and Owen and I had been in the house too much so we went on a mommy and baby date. We went downtown and looked around at some shops and then stopped at a coffee shop, he got a cup of whip cream and I got an iced decaf mocha. We had a wonderful day together but now we are ready for daddy to come home.

In honor of being cooped up and reading a lot of books I thought I would share some that we love. What is one of your favorite children's books?

-Kiss Good Night "And she bent way down, kissing Sam once and twice and then twice more."
-Welcome to the Zoo A picture book with no words. I love the illustrations and so does Owen.
-Toy Boat "A little boy had a toy boat. He made it from a can, a cork, a yellow pencil, and some white cloth."
-Bear Snores On "Ho, Mouse! says Hare. Long time, no see! So they pop white corn. And they brew black tea."
-The Loud Book "There are lots of louds: Spilling your marbles in the library loud."
-Little Bunny Follows His Nose A scratch and sniff book. "Hop, hop, hop, Little Bunny followed his nose across a big field to a clump of green trees."

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