Sunday, November 4, 2012

16 months

Our boy at 16 months
-He is noticeably understanding so much. We can ask him a question and he will point to what we are talking about or gesture toward an item mentioned. He lifts his arms when its time to put his shirt on and gets his shoes when were getting ready to go outside.
-Whenever he gets hurt he likes to reenact the scene over and over. He says "bonk" and points to whatever body part got hurt.
-He is saying more words clearly. The other morning we were staying in a hotel room with my parents and when he woke up and saw my Dad he clearly and excitedly said, "Ga-pa".
-He likes to get people to pick him up and then he points and gibber jabbers about where he wants them to take him. 
-He has such a funny since of humor. He loves to make people laugh and he loves to laugh with people when they are already laughing. If we are all laughing really hard he will start making himself laugh hard and then try to keep us laughing. He makes a hysterical snarling smile when he thinks he is being funny. 
-One of his favorite things to do with people or animals is play chase. He loves to chase or be chased but especially for you to chase him.
-He is enjoying food more. It is so cute to watch him sit at a table and feed himself. He started wanting to use a spoon a couple weeks ago and tries to feed himself with that.
-His new words include bubba and making an elephant noise while his arm swings around like the trunk.
-He discovered that we all have two ears. He was sitting on GG's lap playing with one of her ears and got so fascinated when he found out she had one on each side. 
-He loves to be around people! He gets so excited when dada gets home, students come to visit or we go out and about.
-It is a joy to watch him learn and grow! We get to see more and more of his personality every month and I love it!


  1. He is so sweet. Love these pictures. It was fun to see you all last night.

    1. It was really fun to see you guys! Dylan is a cutie!

  2. ahh these photos are so sweet! i love those little suspenders he is wearing what a precious boy you have

  3. he is such a cutie, love the props and the outfit you chose :)