Thursday, February 2, 2012

Birchbox surprise

Owen woke up this morning with a fever and I am getting over a cold. When Paul got home from work we decided to take a little stroll to the mailbox to get some sun. I was so excited to see that little key for getting packages in our box. We got the sweetest thing! I had seen my friend Hailey's blog post about sending a little surprise to a friend. I thought it was such a fun idea. I remember thinking the mugs were so cute and that sour candy was a perfect thing for a guy. Much to my surprise when I opened the door there was Hailey's little box of goodies! It defiantly brightened our day. Thank you so much Hailey, Nick and sweet little Rylan! Owen still hasn't stopped shaking those rattles. 


  1. hope you two feel better! and hope those rattles don't drive you guys crazy!

  2. so stinkin cute. adore your blog, love. totally following. can't wait to read more. xo
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