Monday, February 27, 2012

Play yard

We finally got Owen's little play yard out. Its nice to have a safe place for him to be when I need to do things like cook dinner or put a load of laundry in. He doesn't mind it for a little bit, especially if he can watch what I am doing. He plays with the toys for a little bit and then spends the rest of the time smashing his face up against the mesh. 

Yesterday, for the first time, he picked up something small off the ground and tried to put it in his mouth. Luckily I caught him before he actually put it in. We have to watch him even more closely now that he can crawl and put things in his mouth. I remember when I was pregnant I went out and bought a whole bunch of those electrical outlet safety plugs. I promptly put them in every outlet in the whole house. Paul has gone crazy wrestling with them every time he needs to plug something in (for the last year) but now we actually need them!


  1. love these pics! i bet it's getting crazy there with him all over the place!

  2. I'm glad your plug in finally have a use! I remember teasing you about them when you first put them in :)