Wednesday, April 4, 2012

9 months

Our boy is 9 months old
-He is so fast! He will take off crawling and all you see is a little bum wiggling back and forth with two speedy legs. 
-He has four teeth! He got both of his top middle front teeth the day before he turned 9 months old. I do not know why he keeps getting two at a time. I guess he would rather get it over with as fast as possible. 
-He is developing his fine motor skills. He will look at tiny things and point at them with one finger. He also picks up tiny things off the ground and tries to eat them. 
-He used to be so happy when we changed his diaper but all of the sudden he hates it. Every once in a while you can distract him but most often he cries really hard. 
-He is our little baby beluga. I am excited for summer to see if he likes going in a pool. He loves taking showers and baths with us. 
-He started drinking water out of a cup. This was probably a bad idea. When I tried to a sippy cup for the first time he pulled it to his mouth and expected it to pour out, he doesn't suck from it. Hummm...I guess I should have thought of that. 
-He sleeps like a big boy. He rolls over and sleeps on his tummy most of the night. He sticks his bottom up in the air and ends up all sideways. Watching him sleep is one of my favorite things, so peaceful. Sometimes I cannot keep myself from kissing his little cheeks, but Paul says, "shhh! you will wake him up!"
-Next month he will be double digits! We are enjoying every month with him! 


  1. The second set of pictures, the left one... oh my favorite! They're all so wonderful and cute!

  2. Thank you! He looks like such a big boy in that one!

  3. owen is so cute and i cannot believe he is already nine months old... he is getting big!! i don't always have access to blogspot from where we live, every now and then it doesn't get restricted, then i try to catch up on lives of my friends' who blog on blogspot, including yours! i really enjoy how many photos you put out, love seeing all of your faces~