Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spontaneous adventure

We woke up one morning on our trip and decided to head to town for coffee and a danish. We went out the door, Owen in his race car jammies, me with no make-up on and daddy with a scruffy face. While we were in town Owen fell asleep and Paul and I were feeling adventurous. We started driving down the coast to explore new beaches.

Paul had been wanting to go exploring to find a new place the whole week. It was a beautiful drive, mostly along cliffs next to the ocean front. We could see a lighthouse down on a point and decided we wanted to go check it out. The timing was perfect, Owen woke up right as we pulled into the parking lot. 

We found our selves waiting with a crowd for a tour up the lighthouse. A coffee trip to town turned into an all day adventure. Next time we leave the house we will have to get dressed and ready for the day before we going anywhere. It was a beautiful spontaneous adventure!

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