Monday, May 7, 2012

10 months

Owen is 10 months old
-He stood on his own without pulling up on anything for the first time. He was squatting playing with his blocks and then just stood right up and balanced for what seemed like forever to me. 
-He has 8 teeth now, a whole mouth full!
-He had a very traditional crawl until a few weeks ago. Now he gets in a "down on one knee" position and then stays in that position while crawling. Foot, knee, foot, knee, down the way he goes. Maybe he figures he will try one foot out before actually walking on both. 
-If you hold his hands so he can practice walking he kicks his feet way up high with straight legs like a little toy solider. 
-His favorite toys are his little people sheep (he picks the sheep every time over all the other animals), the remote (of course), his aunties necklaces and I always find him crawling down the hall with a nursing pad.
-He still prefers to nurse over any other baby food but inconsistently eats pureed fruits or veggies. His favorite is sweet potatoes, especially sweet potatoes with corn. This week we are starting to mix other items in with the sweet potatoes to see if he likes that.
-His new favorite noise to make is a funny motor boat sound with the vibration of his lips.
-He has started to play peek a boo with us!
-We were at a party a couple of days ago and he successfully whacked over 6 different peoples food or drinks. We under estimate his arm span coupled with lunging forward. 
-He is very interested in faces. When he is getting ready for bed he sits on my lap looking up at me and pokes at my eye lashes, nose and mouth. He normally falls asleep with his fingers in my mouth.  
-His favorite things to do with daddy are playing chase, hitting daddys fuzzy head while yelling and playing together with his toys.
-His favorite things to do with mommy are eating, taking baths and naps together and reading books. 

These pictures were taken on our beautiful campus and are also where our wedding photos were taken. 


  1. Replies
    1. Isn't that a fun location? I was sentimental about taking them there because of our wedding pictures being taken there. Our campus has a lot of fun spots for pictures.

  2. Such sweet pictures!!! Love the boy!!!

    1. Thank you mom! The bubba loves his Grandma!

  3. Lovely post. And what pretty pictures you take too. Love the romper xx

    1. Thank you Nell! Rompers are the best! I would put him in one everyday if I could! :) It seems like they make so many more rompers for girls then boys.

  4. Hi! I just found your blog and I'm so happy I did! It's so cute and your little boy is adorable!