Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hamilton family reunion 2012: Pismo beach

We had a beautiful time as a family in Pismo beach California. All of my immediate family and their spouses were there and Grammie of course! Or does she count as immediate family? We had been planning the trip for months, buying "water play" items at yard sales, searching online for restaurants to try and sending text messages to each other building hype for the trip. In the end it lived up to all the hype! :)

This is what most days looked like: wake up, coffee and breakfast, walk to the beach (only a half block!), hangout on the beach while the guys boarded, clean up, walk around town, eat at a classic beach cafe, play card games at home, yogurt and an evening stroll along the board walk and pier. What more could you want in a classic california beach vacation?

I wasn't sure what Owen would think of the beach and sand. He acts afraid when we set him on grass so I wondered if he would act the same way with the sand. He loved it! Much to my surprise he didn't try to eat it! He mostly crawled around till he found seaweed or a seagull, then he would chat away with which ever one he found first. He loved us to pick him up and chase the birds. He loves birds. He takes after his grandma in that area, she is the birder in the family. He has a blast! 

I am so grateful for my family! Lets do it again next year! 

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  1. I am so grateful that you recorded these moments on film. I am so grateful for our relationships with one another. It was a wonderful time together!