Tuesday, October 2, 2012

15 months

Our boy at 15 months
-This month he has started communicating so much more, with words, other sounds and gestures. 
-His new words to add to his collection are: baby, Grandpa, Grandma, GG, all done, wa wa (water), nana (banana), nose, na na na (nurse) and woof (like a dog). He also repeats words people say a lot but I think he is just repeating the sounds and doesn't necessarily know what they mean. 
-He really likes noses lately. He will say nose and go around to each person and touch their nose. 
-If I had to guess his favorite animal it would either be a dog, cat or bird because he gets SO excited when he sees one. A cow would have to be in the running too because he moo's every time there is one in sight. We were in Chick-fil-a the other night and he saw the poster of a giant cow holding a sign and started mooing excitingly. 
-Some of his new favorite foods are: ginger snaps, any kind of bean (especially black beans and green beans) and, of course, candy...we will blame daddy for that. :)
-He is getting much more daring which results in more bumps and scratches from tumbles. He attempts to climb and stand on anything he can find. 
-As you can see from the pictures he does not like to stop for very long. He likes to run around and explore.
-The picture of his finger up by his mouth is what he does when he is excited about something. He points with his finger up by his mouth and makes excited noises. Its mostly when he sees a bird, dog or cat or any other animal.   
-One of my favorite things is when I am holding him and he wraps his arms all the way around me and clings on to my back. He gives the sweetest hugs. 
-There are so many moments I sit there and soak up and hope to never forget. We love our little boy! 


  1. Brittany GallagherOctober 2, 2012 at 12:19 PM

    I love his point!

  2. This is the cutest! I agree with Brittany! So sweet Christy!