Monday, October 15, 2012

Always me with you

A year ago today was the day I started this little blog. A whole year of memories. I'm so glad you could join me.

A year ago, as I was thinking of a title for this blog, I pulled a book off of Owen's shelf and looked through the pages. It was a souvenir we bought on January 26th 2010 while Paul and I were on a trip in Anchorage Alaska. We had been married for two and a half years and dreamed of having kids one day. On the inside flap we wrote a note to our kids we were dreaming of and signed it, Love, Mom and Dad. After looking through the pages I knew exactly what I wanted to title my blog. The first page reads, 

"We're a pair beyond compare, a rare and special two, in all the ways that I am me and you're completely you."

It is a sweet story of two bears. A little bear and a big bear. In the last pages it ends with, "My favorite me will always be...when I am me with you."

Paul and Owen, I'm so glad to have you. As the author writes on the dedication page, always me with you...

I'm excited for another year of memories!

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