Wednesday, January 9, 2013

18 months

Our boy at 18 months

-He loves to dance. He spins in circles till he gets dizzy.
-When he was younger we taught him the sign for please and more. For some reason he has stopped signing it and now to say please he slowly nods his head up and down with big eyes. 
-He is better able to communicate what he wants. We were walking through the mall today and as we walked by the pretzel place he started saying, "Mmmm", "Mmmm", "Mmmm" and pointing. He wanted a pizza pretzel, that's his favorite. Pizza anything is his favorite.
-He has started talking so much. It seems like he says a new word every day. He likes to repeat words after us. 
-He loves when he hears a firetruck or airplane outside. He gets quiet and listens hard and then tries to imitate their noise.
-Playing chase and being chased are some of his favorite things!
-He is the snuggliest snuggle bug. We love him! 

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  1. I loved playing chase with him over Christmas! Owen is taking after uncle Brian with his love for pizza anything. He's growing up to be quite the little man :)