Friday, January 4, 2013

2012: A great year together

I loved living life with our little family of three this past year. Owen's cheeks have gotten less chubby and his face has gotten more like a little boys. Paul and I will have been married five years in April. I am grateful for so many things as I think back. I wonder what this next year will hold?

I like to make a long list of goals when a new year rolls around. Some I take more seriously and some I like to just dream up. Drinking more water, eating less sugar, getting a lemon tree and raspberry plant for our patio, spending time reading my Bible at the beginning of Owen's nap everyday, spending less time with technology and more time with family and friends, going on a 30 minute walk each morning, having less worries and choosing more joy. What are your goals for this new year? 


  1. What beautiful photos! You look like you've had a wonderful year:)

  2. Beautiful photos! Owen is a cutie:)