Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pom pom garland: DIY

I am a sucker for garlands! I have had so much fun making garlands with pom poms made from yarn. They are fun to decorate with or give as gifts and they are so easy. Several of you asked me how to make them so I thought I would try and show you! 

What you will need
-A fork (medium fork = medium pom poms/small fork = small pom poms)
-Embroidery needle 

Step 1: Wrap your yarn around the fork like spaghetti. The thicker you make it the more full the pom pom will be. You can choose to use one color or many colors or yarn. When using multiple colors make sure and catch the loose ends with the next piece of yarn as you start a new color. I like to try one pom pom and see how it comes out and then go from there. Owen likes to take the dud ones and play with them. 
Step 2: Take the end of your yarn and stick it through the bottom center hole of the fork under your wrapped yarn. Take that same piece of yarn and wrap it around the top to bring it through the middle prong hole of the fork. Once the end of your piece of yard is wrapped completely around pull it tight and tie a knot. The yarn will look like a little bow tie on a fork at this point. 
Step 3: Take your scissors and cut under your yard along the side edge of the fork on both sides. Once you are done it should look like you have a pom pom on a fork. 
Step 4: Pull your pom pom off the top of the fork, fluff it up and trim around it to make it look round.
Step 5: Take whatever string you would prefer (I used twine in this picture but you can use your yarn, fishing line or embroidery thread), thread it through the embroidery needle and pull it through the center of your pom pom. Adjust your pom poms based on the space you would like between each pom pom and VOILA you have an adorable pom pom garland! 


  1. So cute!! And looks easy! Going to give this a go! Thanks Christy xx

  2. These are so CUTE. Thanks for the diy!!!

  3. Making a bunch of these today for a party, I love this tutorial! Super cute and easy!