Thursday, December 1, 2011

5 months

This stage is so fun! Some of my favorite things right now are...

-He loves to laugh and play. Sometimes he will start laughing when I am not trying to be funny, like he is trying to make me laugh. He laughs so hard sometimes! He gets hiccups almost every time he laughs.
-He really likes scratching jeans with his little finger nails, or anything else that makes noise when he scratches. When he is trying to put himself to sleep he scratches the sheet till he falls asleep.
-He can roll over both ways now but prefers to roll from back to tummy.
-He has starting grabbing his toes. He can't quite get them to his mouth but he likes to play with them and roll around holding on to them.
-His two new noises are grunting and making a spitting face with bubbles. Lately he has been very excited about his new spitting noises, he ends up with drool all down his neck but doesn't seem to mind.
-He is getting a lot more "mobile", if you can call it that at this stage. When I lay him on his play mat he ends up facing the other direction or scooting to the other end. The most rolls he has done in one direction is two, so he can't get too far yet. 
-He is very contemplative, intently looking at something for a long time. You can tell he is really processing the world around him. 

We love him so much! We are so blessed and grateful for such a heathy boy. I want to enjoy every moment! 

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