Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas snuggles

It is starting to look like Christmas in our apartment. I have had pandora christmas radio on non stop. We got the lights on the tree and then I slowly put the ornaments on over a couple of days. It is fun to take the ones that are baby friendlyish and show them to him. He has always loved lights so he gets very excited with the lights on the tree. If he gets to close he lunges his body forward and yanks the lights off the branch. The other day he was napping on my lap next to the tree and woke up and instantly got big bug eyes looking at it. We have already had fun snuggling and enjoying our tree. 

I'm excited to do some Christmas shopping. I love getting to pick something out special for the people I love that they wouldn't normally buy themselves. I still haven't been able to decide what to get Owen. I want to make him a quilt but maybe I'll do that without the pressure of getting it done before Christmas. There are so many fun gifts to choose from that he would love, a Sophie for the bath, stripped long john jammies, his very own swing, a cute stuffed animal, maybe a new book, Salt-Waters to save for spring, a fire truck, Paul is sold on a funny bobble penguin.

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