Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Off to find a tree

Every year we go up to the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree. We all pile into my parents suburban with Grandpa, Grandma, GG, Uncle Tim, Aunt Amy and the three of us. We drive way up to the top of the mountain to try and find a Silvertip. I had envisioned Owen's first trip to get a tree, all cute in his white little snow outfit, galavanting around in the snow hunting for the perfect tree. When we got there it was a lot colder then we thought. Owen and I literally jumped out of the car for the 2 seconds it took to take that picture and then jumped back in. We decided it would be better to keep Owen in the car (you can see him longingly looking out the window at all the trees in the top picture). We had a fun time playing in the car while Paul went and picked out the perfect tree for us. We loaded up the trees and headed home with our hot cider and co co. It wasn't what I had expected but it was a fun adventure!

Now that Paul and I have a baby we have been thinking about what fun things we want to do as a family to celebrate Christmas. I have so many fun memories growing up as a child with my family. Traditions were a fun way to celebrate together, christmas tree outings, ginger bread house competitions, christmas casserole and apple oatmeal on Christmas morning. What traditions does your family have around this time of year?

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