Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My boy and his boat

Growing up my parents gave each of us a special ornament on Christmas eve. Paul and I looked and looked for the ornament we wanted to get Owen for his first ornament. I was sitting at home one afternoon and remembered a little wooden boat I had of my Grandpa's. I decided that would be perfect for my boy. I loved my Grandpa. It will be sweet telling Owen stories about him and the memories I have with him when he gets a little older.

A new tradition we may start is giving him a new pair of jammies on Christmas eve. We bought him a soft set of mint stripped Christmas jammies. They say you have to do something three times for it to be a tradition, so we shall see. 

We ended the night driving around looking at Christmas lights with all 10 of us in a borrowed van. I love the excitement for the next day as you get in bed. I have so many fun memories with my family from this time of year. I am excited to make it a meaningful time with our new little family! 

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  1. I love your anecdotes, Christy, they are so meaningful and precious. Thanks for sharing. :)